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Buy Burma Mushrooms for sale Denver 

Buy Burma Mushrooms for sale Denver. Burma Mushrooms can give you the most visually trippy experiences of your life. But they may not be well suited for first time shroomers. It’s only recommended if you’ve had previous experiences with magic mushrooms because it’s not a wise idea to deal with such crazy imagery if you don’t know how you’ve reacted in the past. Once you have some experience, you’ll want to experience these new hallucinations every weekend.

Burma mushroom trip report| Denver mushroom dispensary

On very low doses, your visual trip is slow at first, so you won’t immediately get freaked out as a new Magic Mushoom tripper. But then slow and steadily, the imagery gets deeper and deeper.  When your visual stimulation hits its peak, you see magical Unicorns farting rainbows. You see yourself surrounded by mystical creatures playing strange musical instruments. You see a cat skin guitare but the cats is alive and the guitare sounds are coming out from its mouth. It’s tail is a whammy bar.

Your sky turns plad | Buy Magic mushroom online Denver

You hear songs that penetrate your soul and next you look up to a sky that is a colorfully bright plad ant not your expected sky blue color. A few mintes later you hear insects and animals from tens of miles away. Your hearing becomes super-hearing and you’re super focused on a cricket talking direct to you. You hear him clear as day, with no interference, no background noises can be heard. Suddenly you ignore that interesting cricket and you feel like you’re floating on water, with waves under your feet. Strangely, the water thickens and you’re swimming in green pool of jello. Now it’s up to you to continue your story. Buy Burma mushrooms to find out more.

Burma trip length |Buy Burma Mushrooms for sale Denver

You’ll get approximately 5 hours of amazing visuals from our Burma mushrooms. So make sure to get outdoors with good friends, brink enough water so you don’t get dehydrated chasing Unicorns through the woods. A sugary snack at the end of your trip should help your brain from being over stimulated and drained.



9 reviews for Burma Mushrooms

  1. Jackson Gordon

    Great product!

  2. Zachariah Klein

    I don’t want to get high so I switch between these and energy and I really love this stuff! it puts me in a better mood generally, more positive energy and no more brain fog!!

  3. Caleb Ross


  4. Scott George

    So nice, happy buzz without as much of the stomach upset as other mushroom products This was my favorite of the three items I bought, much better than the Blue Meanies. I crush them up and steep them in Twinning’s Ginger Lemon tea. The lemon is supposed to heighten the effects and the ginger is supposed to lessen the stomach upset.

  5. John Lawrence

    Absolutely loved these ones

  6. Aditya Black

    Not as good as advertised. Which was disappointing.

  7. Dax Frederick

    Wow! just a few days of taking it and I can feel a difference. Great product!

  8. Luka Blake

    Great product.

  9. Aaron Young

    Pretty good!

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